Quick Mic

Quick Mic is a simple and free recording app for iPhone that allows you to quickly record audio voice memos or meetings. Markers allow you to simply add reference points to your recordings to easily identify areas of interest during playback.


For short recordings, just hold the record button. Once the button is pressed, recording starts and will continue until the button is released.


The recording button can be held for short recordings, stopping when the button is released, but the button can easily be locked to record hands-free by sliding the button up into the locked position. The recording will continue until the button is unlocked.


Easily add markers during recording to identify points of interest during playback. Just press the mark button on the right of the recording button during an active recording.

You can choose to have no offset (the default) or 5, 10, and 30 second offsets within Settings. Markers will then be placed within the recording a number of seconds prior to when you pressed the mark button. You can then be sure your marker appears before the place in the recording you are interested in.