An arcade balls vs blocks shooter that anyone can play.

It’s quick and easy to get started. Aim by swiping your finger on the cannon left or right, release to fire balls. Get the angle just right to hit and break as many blocks as possible to build up your score.

Each round adds another level of blocks that need to be broken with an increasing number of hits required. Aim the balls to try to hit as many blocks, as many times, as possible. Just don’t let the blocks build up, the game is over when the blocks get too close! When you get into a tight spot, the special balls really come in handy!

Coins can be exchanged for extra features, upgraded starter pack of balls, or special balls. The special balls aren’t just for show, Power Balls break any block they hit, Sticky Balls stick to blocks and explode hitting blocks in all directions. 

Your game will save when paused so you can come back to it any time you need to kill some time and beat your friends scores on the leaderboard!


  • Very simple controls
  • Endless gameplay
  • Exchange coins for special ball types
  • High score leaderboards
  • Free to play with ads, or pay what you want to go ad-free