Finger Bubbles

Colourful, interactive, and relaxing fun for infants. Help them improve their coordination and finger dexterity. Your child will have so much fun creating and bursting colourful bubbles. 

With intuitive controls and bright colours, your child will love seeing the bubbles fire out of their fingers!

There are no ads to get in the way, and no onscreen buttons to distract from play, this is perfect for infants. Your kids can play with no annoying interruptions!


• Improve your child's hand eye co-ordination.
• Development of finger dexterity.
• Colourful and crisp graphics.
• Bright and stimulating colours.
• Each bubble animates and falls with interactive gravity.
• Child-safe settings panel
    • Toggle between Dark and Light backgrounds!
    • Change the spawning rate for bubbles!
    • Toggle the gravity effects!
    • Change the time between spawning bubbles!
    • Easily disable the settings panel.
• iPad and iPhone supported.
• No ADS or on screen buttons.

Privacy Policy for Finger Bubbles

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